Recruiting in the Biotechnology Industry

Created in 2005 Bio-Partners Search Group is a LLC / Consortium of search firm owners and senior recruiters mainly located in the Southeast. We came together as one entity to better service our customers and candidates across a wider spectrum of the industries, locally to the southeast region and nationally.

Each Partner has a track record of success, over many years of recruiting. Combined there is over a century of expertise servicing not only the Biotechnology Industry but other related industries such as Medical Manufacturing, Food, Clean Tech, Fine Chemical, Plastics, as well as Cleanroom GMP Manufacturing for various industries.


Companies that need to hire will find that we will partner with their hiring teams to provide on a timely basis, quality talent not readily available.

We apply the old methods of hunting for talent, but have and extensive repository of candidates and a vast network of resources that are not available to internal recruiting organizations most other search firms.

We continually develop and provide desired sources of talent to match your specifications, recruit passive candidates, evaluate and interview prospects to profile people and gauge chemistry of candidates for fit and understand their motivation. We don’t simply sell an individual on a role, we make sure we’re matching the right individual to your opportunity.


The company that is hiring is our customer and always pays the cost for our services. Bio-Partners is unique in that we also view our candidates as our customer as well.

We feel obligated to every candidate to not only help them when we have a need that they fit, but to also make sure the position we put them into is the right position.

Our primary focus for our candidates is on their career goals, preferred locations, companies, compensation, and growth potential. We understand a candidate’s career is a journey often with changes. We need to understand where you they are and where you want to go.

We also believe your candidate confidentiality is paramount. We do not submit your credentials / resume without your approval and knowing where you are being presented.